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in all simplicity

Simplify the management of your exams, and save time in the evaluation of skills. On site and remote assessment.

Don't waste a minute

170,000+ assessments carried out

Why adopt Evalmee?

The choice of simplicity and efficiency for your computer-based evaluations.

10 min.

to organize an examination session

10 times

less fraud during the exam


in compliance with the RGPD


fixed fee per exam session

The all-in-one evaluation solution

Evalmee accompanies exam sessions from 2 to 2000 candidates simultaneously

Easy to deploy

Set up your next computer-based exams with ease.


Create custom assessments adapted to your use cases. From standardized MCQ tests to case studies with documents.


Choose from a variety of anti-fraud features to ensure the accuracy of the assessment and preserve your reputation.

Source of savings

Lighten all your logistics and reduce the time spent on your exams by up to 90%.


How does it work?



Write or import your exam subjects

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Customize exam options and send out invitations.

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Decide to follow your students' progress synchronously or asynchronously, assisted by our Artificial Intelligence.

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Correct your open-ended questions in a flash. Your closed questions are automatically corrected.

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Explore results with advanced statistics and identify strengths and challenges

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Notify students of their results and export their grades and copies.

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Built for certification evaluation

Our platform is particularly well suited to certificate evaluation, for which it is essential to ensure strictly equitable and meritocratic evaluation conditions.
The simplicity of use also allows it to be used for formative evaluation in both on site and remote assessment.


Evaluate your students throughout the year: entrance exams, continuous assessment, partial and final exams.


Evaluate your learners throughout the course. From the diagnostic evaluation to the final certification evaluation.


Ensure the credibility of your professional certification and assess more candidates remotely.


Make sure you pre-screen the best candidates quickly in your recruitment processes.

Powerful features

Random order

Put the questions and answers in random order so that the copies are different.

Advanced statistics

Identify student strengths and challenges at a glance with automated statistics.

Sharing & Exporting copies

Share digital graded copies or export them as PDFs for archival purposes.

Random draw

Randomly draw questions from prepared question and exercise banks.

Assessment by skills

Adopt a competency-based assessment approach and profile your learners' achievements.

Customization (coming soon)

Customize the layout of the subjects.

All our users have saved time

Listen to their testimonials

The tool is very effective and easy to set up! It has a lot of possibilities for a simple use.

Vanessa Allard
Management teacher at EFAP Paris, Sup de Pub Paris and ESC Amiens

I saved a good 3 hours in total between the layout and the correction of the MCQs that I used to do manually. The interface is very intuitive!

Florence Pariente
Administrative Manager at EFAP Bordeaux

Saves hours of time in retrieving my students' notes.

Romaric Mathieu
Professor at Arts & Mรฉtiers

I really enjoyed using the tool.

Pierre Jehel
Teacher-researcher at CentraleSupรฉlec

Frequently asked questions

Our answers to frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost?

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Start correcting up to 100 copies per month for only 5โ‚ฌ. That's the price of just one of the long coffees that would have accompanied you in any case of manual correction.
You can get more credits for corrected papers thanks to the sliding scale of rates. Our unused credits are carried over to the following months.